Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mother Teresa.

This is what i've done for 3-4 hours draw potrait with charcoal on paper.i have considered its done or maybe its need final touch up more 10%.i dont know..

Mother Teresa.

In 1979 she had win for the highest worldy level awarded: Nobel Peace Prize for her 'compassion without condescension'.Nearly after 20YEARS as a teacher in Culcutta,India .

Help India'sflood tide a poor,encompass more than 500 clinic,hospices,orphanages and the home for lepers,the mentally ill,and the aged.

this is what she respond to the nobel prize:

'Personally,I am unworthy.' 'I accept in the name of te poor.' then she requested that the customary banquet be canceled and the money donated to the needy.

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